Custom Dollhouses

Custom Dollhouses is our speciality, we can take a plain dollhouse kit and turn it into something special, or a larger kit into a “Mansion”. We can add stone or brick foundations, slate walks,  tile or marble foyer, electrical plugs and lights, hand cut stone chimney, porches, room additions, and more. Here are some larger “Custom Dollhouses”.

102 thoughts on “Custom Dollhouses

  1. Hello my name is Jennifer I wanted to ask you a huge favor I am looking for one doll house in particular the charmed house now I do not have the plans to do this I cannot find the charmed house any where except on etsy for 452.00 how much would you charge to build this for me please let me know

  2. I’d love to have a dollhouse made from our old family home for all the children joining our family. How do I get an estimate?

    • It would cost $40,000 to design, build and finish a replica from scratch of that real house. That is just a rough estimate, it could be more like $50,000 depending on how much detail you wanted exactly like the real house.
      I’m a Master Dollhouse builder for 34 years and build for customers all over the USA and also build for the movie industry.
      I can build Victorian kit dollhouses in many different price ranges. What is your budget?
      Rick Maccione cell is 203 768-3816.

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