Finished Dollhouses

Rosedawn1JPGChateau-FinishedBostonianhiho1wSterling Estate-CustomRick Maccione With Finished WoodstockPeriod Colonial Dollhouse FrontReplica Of Colonial House FrontNewportHistoric Newport, RI HouseFirehouse-Front

These are just a few samples of the dollhouses that I can build. I can build over 250 different dollhouses in any SIZE, STYLE, and PRICE.

Email me at or call my cell 203 768-3816 for more information. Rick Maccione, Master Dollhouse Builder since 1988,  I build quality custom dollhouses with the highest of standards and still enjoy my work after 30 years.

I also restore old dollhouses and finish dollhouses for my customers that started them but never had the time to finish.

I can also build a replica of your house, or we can design a dollhouse together. My company is built on Trust, Honesty and Quality Workmanship.


55 thoughts on “Finished Dollhouses

  1. Your houses are amazing! I went to Washington Depo The Gunn Museum and saw that fantastic display. I am wondering if you could tell me where I can get amazing things to fill the doll house I have, I have been using but have seen so many other wonderful things I wonder where to look. Sincerely,

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the miniature display at The Gunn Museum. There is a catalog that you could order from me with thousands of miniatures and prices. Please call me at 203 768-3816 for the information.
      Thanks, Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions

    • Catalog available toward end of Feb., will call you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the Gunn Memorial Museum display of antique Dollhouses. The show has just been extended for another month.
      Thanks, Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT


    • Hi Beth,
      Yes I could make a replica of a house from a photo. It requires a lot more time and the cost is more. Please send me pictures of all four sides of the house if possible and what time period do you want it for. I was away on vacation.
      Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT
      cell phone 203 768-3816

  3. Hi, Rick,
    I checked the Gunn Museum website, but couldn’t find any details about the dollhouse show extension. When is the new closing date? I am coming up to visit my sister in Roxbury, and would like to see the show before it ends. Are there any shops in the area that carry miniature furnishings? I used to visit a shop up near New Milford, but it closed when Rt. 7 was widened.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Sorry the miniature show closed on Feb. 17, 2013, I was away on vacation and just got back. Most all the shops in CT are closed, I can order everything made in the world in miniature, but do not stock it. I closed my shop on Main Street in Woodbury and operate from my home by appointment. I’m the major dollhouse builder in New England and have more dollhouse building work than I ever had in the last 24 years building dollhouses. So, I build dollhouse kits, I repair and restore dollhouses, I do electrical work with real wire, hand cut real stone for walks, and even a stone chimney and much more.
      Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT
      cell phone 203 768-3816

  4. These dollhouses are absolutely stunning. I’m a senior citizen now but always thought it would be awesome to have a wonderful dollhouse like these Rick makes. When I lived in Ct. years ago I discovered one similar…a salt box I believe it was called…in the woods abandoned with water stained torn wallpaper and a clue of an ancient canning jar with a glass lid in the basement…it was a magic moment and sad at the same time…such a thing of beauty so forgotten and left behind. These beautiful doll houses serve as a reminder of a bygone time when houses had character and a presence that welcomed and preserved memories….stunning…eye candy for sure…a splendid way to use a splendid gift as a craftsman.

  5. I am interested in a dollhouse with about 4 or more rooms that would accommodate 18 1/2 inch American Girl dolls and furniture

  6. Mr Maccione, I have just read the article about your Dollhouse work in the Voices. My father in law was working on one but never finished it. It’s now in my attic collecting dust. I don’t have the talent to complete it. Would it have any resale value? I could email or snail mail you a photo?
    I am sure you could find someone to give it a good home.

    • Hi Robert,
      People email all the time wanting to get rid of an old unfinished dollhouses. This is what happens, if it is an antique of real excellent quality, then I will make them an offer, I don’t resell a dollhouse of this type, but display them at different events to promote the dollhouse hobby. If it is the run of the mill unfinished dollhouse and you want to donate it, I have several groups of people that will take it off your hands, then restore it and donate it to an organization like the Cancer Society or a children’s crisis center, etc. In the 90’s was ranked #1 in the nation for donating my dollhouses to the Cancer Society and other organizations. I don’t have time to do that any more, but I have people in my network that can do it for me. Please call me on my cell 203 768-3816 and please send me pictures of all four sides and the inside to
      Rick Maccione
      Master Dollhouse Builder & Owner of Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT

  7. I’d love to buy a custom dollhouse for my three children for Christmas. What could you build and could you please email me some prices? Also do you ship to wisconsin? Thanks!

  8. Dec04 AnonymousHello, i like your blog very much so i was wondering if would have an idea to make a pitare island for my two years old boy. I’ve ever made a cardboard town for him but now i’d like to make something for him to play with his lego and playmobils, and island with somewhere to hide his treasure and some pitares and something not two big, maybe in many pieces it would be really cool if you could help me thanksReply

  9. My husband inherited the doolhouse his father made. When he transported it from Ohio to Connecticut some of the wiring became disconnected. He is afraid to light it because of the fire risk. Would you be able to either repair or rewire the house? This is a replica of his mother’s childhood home. Thanks!

  10. I am interested in the yellow with the man standing in front of it. I am interested in 1 inch scale , the cost to make and shipping cost. About how long will it take?

  11. In one of your comments that I read you referenced a miniatures source catalogue that you had prepared for sale. Is that catalog available?
    Bob Donovan

  12. Do you restore Dollhouses? My dad built one and when my daughter was younger destroyed some of it. Since my Dad just passed away, I want to have that Dollhouse restored and given back to my mother. I just need to get the house itself restored. I am sure she is going to want to take care of the inside. Hope you can help me.

    LJ Corso

  13. I have an old doll house that my mom gave me when I was little and would like to restore and give to my daughter. If I send pictures can you give me a price. I could send ups after you let me know price. Thanks joanne

    • Hi Joanne,
      Yes I can restore your dollhouse, I think I do more restoration work on dollhouses than anyone else in the country. It is a great feeling to restore a special dollhouse for someone.
      You need to send me pictures of all four sides and a list of items you want me to finish, repair or complete. Then I could give you a rough estimate. Where are you located? You have to bring or get the dollhouse to my shop in Woodbury, CT 06798.
      Rick Maccione

  14. Had I known of your magnificent workmanship when I purchased a kit dollhouse I would not have done so. However, I am asking if u can make a few minor repairs to my Greenleaf dollhouse. Please call me when u return from your vacation. Thanking u in advance.
    June Walsh 570-229-0547. I live on Main St S in Woodbury.

  15. I am interested in having a General Store built. I would need the inside spacious enough to accommodate many different details. This of course would be rustic looking as that is how I remember them. I would like a fireplace inside, shelves to accommodate different items for sale, to include fabrics etc., also an area for gun cabinets, table with chairs area,

  16. I will try and find something that would look like what I would want for that time period. Size would have to be determined. I will get back to you with more details as soon as possible. Thank you~

  17. I am wondering what a Victorian style doll house would cost for my daughter. Just an approximate amount to see if it is something I can pursue buying.

    • Sorry I don’t build in that scale, we can’t windows, doors, etc. for that scale. You won’t find furniture in that scale either. I only build in the 1/12 scale, 1” equals a foot.
      I could build in many different styles, sizes and price ranges.
      Rick Maccione
      Cell 203 768-3816

  18. Hello, I have been looking for some time for a custom, finished dollhouse than can be shipped to me. I have a few questions, how can I contact you to discuss? Thank you so much, your work is beautiful!

  19. Hello!

    I am interested in one of your beautiful dollhouses for my granddaughter. Do you have any premade? I am looking for one for Christmas. Can we chat via phone?


  20. Hello
    It looks like you do AMAZINGLY GEORGEOUS work. Do you have a portrait gallery I can look at? I am interested in having one made. Do you still have a catalog and when is it ready?
    Thank you so much, Lisa Banta

  21. Product #JM1065
    Quote on painting, shingles. Wire inside with electic.. I live in Dayton ohio. I have been looking for doll houses already assembled since I was 21. I am now 63. It’s been my dream to have one and decorate the inside!!

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