“A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True”


Dollhouse Mansions has offered expertly crafted, heirloom quality dollhouses since 1988, that will last for generations. Our dollhouses are built and manufactured in Woodbury, Connecticut workshop and customers are welcomed to view our finished dollhouses. Owner and master dollhouse builder Rick Maccione has the skills and patience to build hundreds of dollhouses over the last 24 years. Design work is completed by his wife Joanne.

Dollhouse Mansions offers a variety of quality dollhouse kits, assembled dollhouses and finished dollhouses. Our dollhouses are constructed with the highest quality of workmanship, hand crafted, and custom finished, 1 inch scale, hard wired electrification, in a solid wooden dollhouse that will last for generations. We sell unfinished dollhouse kits by the top manufacturers like Real Good Toys and all others or if you have a dollhouse kit we will build and finish it for you.

Dollhouse Mansions offers pre-finished assembled dollhouses, some with wallpaper, flooring, and trim work completed are available.

We offer many styles of dollhouses, such as colonials, Victorians, farmhouses, lighthouses, and firehouses. We build the complete line of kits from Real Good Toys.

When deciding on a dollhouse, Dollhouse Mansions will help you make many decisions such as milled-in siding, front- or back-opening, 3/8″ or 1/4″ construction, cost and quality of components, which all make a difference in selection of your dollhouse.

Custom finished dollhouses are our specialty and we always have plenty on display in our workshop. Our finished dollhouses are completely finished and painted on the outside, interior walls and ceiling are painted with three coats of latex paint. We find that most of out customers prefer to select their own wallpaper, carpeting, wood floors, lighting fixtures, and any other decisions that personalize their dollhouse.

Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT 06798 – Workshop/Showroom 203 263-3233

Cell Anytime 203 768-3816  Email- dollhousemansions@gmail.com


33 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am just wondering if you are the person who built the dollhouses for the american cancer society many years ago. I have one, that I purchased from the person who won it in the raffle.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    The company I think was called Russell Crafts, they went out of business about 15 years ago. Like I said, they may have used parts of several kits, or an original, or a kit manufacturer that went out of business before I started in 1988.
    Thanks, Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions

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  4. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I am interested in lighting for my dollhouse. Any information you can send me would be greatly appreciated.
    Kelli Flack

  5. I would like to get an estimate on a dollhouse I built, real good toys Queen Anne, that I want completed, it’s half done on the interior, and the exterior needs so additional love. I can send lots of pictures.

  6. I’d like to inquire on prices of several of your available doll houses for my daughters tenth birthday please. She liked several of them. I think it was the yellow, the pink, the purple and the blue.

    • Hi Ashley,
      It was nice to talk to you this morning, call my cell 203 768-3816 after deciding which dollhouse you want and what you want finished for pricing.
      Thanks again,
      Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions

  7. Good Evening, My daughter saved up her money to purchase a dollhouse kit in hopes my husband could build it for her but he was unable to. I was wondering if you can build it for her and what will the cost and time frame be to have it build? Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Rosie,
      Yes I can build your dollhouse kit, I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 26 years and still love the work. Please send me pictures of the kit and the name of the kit company and the name of the kit style. Send to dollhousemansions@gmail.com , my cell is 203 768-3816 if you would like to speak to me. Also please tell me exactly what you want finished, for example ( finished completely outside, electrical wiring, walls and ceilings painted, trim work inside, real wood floors finished ) then I can give you a price.
      Rick Maccione
      Woodbury, CT

  8. Hi i have 4 year old triplet girls i am looking for a big enough dollhouse that all 3 can use together do you build any to accommodate

  9. You have beautiful doll houses. I have been looking for a good quality custom made house for a present. What do your house interiors look like? Also do you build furniture and things for the house? What are the prices and how long does a custom one take? Thank you so much!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for checking out my web site, I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 28 years for customers all over the USA. Please call my cell phone 203 768-3816 to discuss some of your questions, so that I could more understand what style, and size dollhouse you want. I was also an Industrial Arts teacher for 34 years and worked in the real home building business, so I know houses inside and out no matter what the size.
      Rick Maccione
      Dollhouse Mansions

    • Hi,
      I’m a Master Dollhouse builder for 28 years, I can build over 200 dollhouse kits, replica of a customers house and restore old dollhouses. Sorry to say that I don’t build Greenleaf kits, there kits are made of very thin wood, I like to glue and nail my dollhouses and only work with 3/8″ plywood.

      • Thanks for the reply. Do you know of a kit that could be used to create the house in the below link along with some of my own modifications?

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