“A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True”


Dollhouse Mansions has offered expertly crafted, heirloom quality dollhouses since 1988, that will last for generations. Our dollhouses are built and manufactured in Middlebury, Connecticut workshop. Owner and master dollhouse builder Rick Maccione has the skills and patience to build hundreds of dollhouses over the last 34 years. Design work is completed by his wife Joanne.

Dollhouse Mansions offers a variety of quality dollhouse kits, assembled dollhouses and finished dollhouses. Our dollhouses are constructed with the highest quality of workmanship, hand crafted, and custom finished, 1 inch scale, hard wired electrification, in a solid wooden dollhouse that will last for generations. We sell unfinished dollhouse kits by the top manufacturers like Real Good Toys and all others or if you have a dollhouse kit we will build and finish it for you.

Dollhouse Mansions offers pre-finished assembled dollhouses, some with wallpaper, flooring, and trim work completed are available.

We offer many styles of dollhouses, such as colonials, Victorians, farmhouses, lighthouses, and firehouses. We build the complete line of kits from Real Good Toys.

When deciding on a dollhouse, Dollhouse Mansions will help you make many decisions such as milled-in siding, front- or back-opening, 3/8″ or 1/4″ construction, cost and quality of components, which all make a difference in selection of your dollhouse.

Custom finished dollhouses are our specialty, and we always have plenty on display in our workshop. Our finished dollhouses are completely finished and painted on the outside, interior walls and ceiling are painted with three coats of latex paint. We find that most of our customers prefer to select their own wallpaper, carpeting, wood floors, lighting fixtures, and any other decisions that personalize their dollhouse.

My company is based on three things, Trust, Honesty and Quality Workmanship!

Dollhouse Mansions, Middlebury, CT 06762 – Workshop & Some Finished Dollhouses

Cell Anytime 203 768-3816  Email- dollhousemansions@gmail.com


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  1. I am just wondering if you are the person who built the dollhouses for the american cancer society many years ago. I have one, that I purchased from the person who won it in the raffle.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    The company I think was called Russell Crafts, they went out of business about 15 years ago. Like I said, they may have used parts of several kits, or an original, or a kit manufacturer that went out of business before I started in 1988.
    Thanks, Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions

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  4. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I am interested in lighting for my dollhouse. Any information you can send me would be greatly appreciated.
    Kelli Flack

  5. I would like to get an estimate on a dollhouse I built, real good toys Queen Anne, that I want completed, it’s half done on the interior, and the exterior needs so additional love. I can send lots of pictures.

  6. I’d like to inquire on prices of several of your available doll houses for my daughters tenth birthday please. She liked several of them. I think it was the yellow, the pink, the purple and the blue.

    • Hi Ashley,
      It was nice to talk to you this morning, call my cell 203 768-3816 after deciding which dollhouse you want and what you want finished for pricing.
      Thanks again,
      Rick Maccione/Dollhouse Mansions

  7. Good Evening, My daughter saved up her money to purchase a dollhouse kit in hopes my husband could build it for her but he was unable to. I was wondering if you can build it for her and what will the cost and time frame be to have it build? Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Rosie,
      Yes I can build your dollhouse kit, I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 26 years and still love the work. Please send me pictures of the kit and the name of the kit company and the name of the kit style. Send to dollhousemansions@gmail.com , my cell is 203 768-3816 if you would like to speak to me. Also please tell me exactly what you want finished, for example ( finished completely outside, electrical wiring, walls and ceilings painted, trim work inside, real wood floors finished ) then I can give you a price.
      Rick Maccione
      Woodbury, CT

  8. Hi i have 4 year old triplet girls i am looking for a big enough dollhouse that all 3 can use together do you build any to accommodate

  9. You have beautiful doll houses. I have been looking for a good quality custom made house for a present. What do your house interiors look like? Also do you build furniture and things for the house? What are the prices and how long does a custom one take? Thank you so much!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for checking out my web site, I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 28 years for customers all over the USA. Please call my cell phone 203 768-3816 to discuss some of your questions, so that I could more understand what style, and size dollhouse you want. I was also an Industrial Arts teacher for 34 years and worked in the real home building business, so I know houses inside and out no matter what the size.
      Rick Maccione
      Dollhouse Mansions

    • Hi,
      I’m a Master Dollhouse builder for 28 years, I can build over 200 dollhouse kits, replica of a customers house and restore old dollhouses. Sorry to say that I don’t build Greenleaf kits, there kits are made of very thin wood, I like to glue and nail my dollhouses and only work with 3/8″ plywood.

  10. I would live to get my grandaugther a house she spends alot time playing with and makes small items.Are they very expensive and do you build them.

    • Hi Sandra,
      I build a lot of dollhouses for granddaughters, daughters and adults from all over the USA. I could build over 100 different dollhouses in any size, style and price range. Please look again at my web site http://www.dollhousemansions.com , tell me what style dollhouse you want, like (Colonial or Victorian) tell me which ones you like on my web site or give me a price range and I will give you some prices. Also let me know when you need this dollhouse for. I’m building six dollhouses now and restoring two, work is always coming in.
      My cell is 203 768-3816, please give me a call and we might get this all answered over the phone in a few minutes.
      Rick Maccione

    • My dollhouses are made from 3/8″ quality birch plywood. When I build a customer a dollhouse, the quoted price includes completely finishing the outside of the dollhouse and priming and painting all the walls and ceilings. I paint the walls and ceiling before I build the house and put it together, therefore getting a perfect paint job on the inside. Painting the walls and ceilings after the house is built, will not give you as perfect a paint job and will take more time to complete.
      Do you have a dollhouse kit in mind that you want to have built? If, not I could also help you with that also. There are a few dollhouse kit manufacturers to stay away from because their wood is so thin, standard doors and windows don’t fit flush and their wood is cheap.
      When your dollhouse is finished on the outside and all the walls and ceilings are painted, we will discuss the many options in finishing the inside. Those options will be on an hourly rate plus materials. There are so many options in finishing the inside it is hard to quote. I will explain that process.
      Please give me a call on my cell 203 768-3816 and I will try to answer any and all your questions.
      I’m a retired Industrial Arts teacher for 32 years and a master dollhouse builder for 28 years and still love this detailed small work.
      Thanks again,
      Rick Maccione
      Woodbury, CT
      cell 203 768-3816

    • Hi Anne,
      I have a professional shipping company that ships dollhouses, and yes he can crate, ship and insure a dollhouse to Sydney, Australia for you. What type of dollhouse are you looking for? A finished dollhouse or a dollhouse kit in a box that you could build yourself. Let me know all the details and a price range you would like to spent? I have a layaway plan for you while I’m building your dollhouse. I build for customers all over the world and build dollhouses in any size, style and price.
      Rick Maccione
      cell 203 768-3816

  11. Hi Rick,
    Thank you so much for the Beautiful Victorian Doll House you built for me. It is a true Masterpiece. I will cherish it for many years to come. You are so talented and thank you for keeping me up to date during the building process. Your pictures and professional advise have helped me make a wonderful choice during the process of purchasing this beautiful Doll House.
    Penny Francis

    • Hi Ruby,
      I can build over 200 different dollhouse kits and make a replica of a customers house. Companies that manufacture dollhouse kits are always changing their line of kits, so it is hard to keep up. Please tell me how big of a house you want ( small, medium, large), how many rooms, what style dollhouse you want ( colonial, Victorian, other ), and what is your budget range? Then I can send you pictures and prices.
      Also look again on my web site http://www.dollhousemansions.com under kits that I build.
      You can also send me information directly to my email dollhousemansions@gmail.com and text to my cell phone or call at 203 768-3816. Looking forward to talking to you about your dollhouse dreams.
      Rick Maccione
      Owner of Dollhouse Mansions for 28 years

      • I will send you a picture of the one I Love. It’s supposed to be 1880’s. But I don’t know. Let me know if you can build
        It. I’m not sure if it’s copy righted or anything. Thank you.

  12. yes my name is sandra and i have a 3 year old daughter whom i was looking into getting her a doll house for her 5 birthday im shopping around now but when i was small they had a big doll house where i was and i really loved playing with it and i have always wanted one but now im grown with a daughter of my own i am trying to find toys and dolls i had so if u can have someone contact me so i can get info on the best size or syle that would be very great thank u and hope to hear from someone very soon…

  13. Hi Rick,
    This is peterlounsbury
    Who bought your buckboard

    It’s sitting on Belgian block covered
    Efficiently in the back yard
    Not being offered for sale.

    The reason I’m writing you is I’m looking for a
    A doll house for my 4 yr old Granddaughter

    As wrighting this
    She might be too young
    For one of your doll houses

    & in the $100-150 price range
    Is probably laughable to you

    Or would you be able to recommend
    Some one to me

    Thank you Rick

  14. Hi Mr. Maccione, My name is Ryan Bertrand I was a student of yours, graduated in 1997. You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. I really enjoyed my time in your class! I’m so happy to see you’re still building doll houses. They really are amazing. If I had a little girl I’d get her one. Your craftmanship is amazing.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Of course I remember you, and you were a very respectful student. I enjoyed every 32 years at Kennedy H. S. and all the dollhouse projects we all built for the American Cancer Society and other organizations.
      If you told me that I would be building Dollhouses for 30 years, I would have said you are crazy. I like being my own boss and love the small detailed work.
      My grandmother always said, “ Ricky you have the patience of a Saint” I guess she was right.
      It is amazing to build miniature houses for customers all over the USA, and two years ago for the movie industry ( 306 Hollywood) make sure you see it.
      Please give me a call, I would like to hear a lot about you and your family.
      Rick Maccione
      Cell 203 768-3816
      Sorry I talked too much about my passion in building in miniature.

  15. HI Nancy,
    Yes I’m still in business, last month I celebrated my 30th anniversary in the dollhouse building business. Some of the houses are still available and some are not. Many dollhouse kit companies have gone out of business and those that are still in business have dropped half of their kit line due to less activity in this hobby.
    I’m a retired Industrial Arts teacher (32years), and Master Dollhouse builder for 30 years. My company is based on three things, Trust, Honesty and Quality Workmanship. I could build dollhouses from $2,000.00 to $40,000.00, so the first thing to consider is a price range that you want to spend and a style and size dollhouse you want.
    Best to call my cell phone 203 768-3816 to discuss your options. I’m looking forward to helping you out with a dollhouse selection.
    You can email me some of this information and include your cell phone number and I can get back to you with some information.
    Rick & Joanne Maccione

  16. I have very few finished dollhouses, they sell right away. I have so many orders for dollhouses coming in from all over the country it is hard to find the time to build display finished dollhouses for sale.
    It is best for you to tell me what style, size, and price range you want to spend and then I could find some kits that I could build for you. Send me your email and I will text or email some dollhouses I have for sale with prices.
    Thanks, Rick

  17. Do you work with customers on custom built pieces from the customer’s imagination? I have always wanted to build a dollhouse castle.

  18. Hi,

    I’m not sure who can actually help me with this request but I am desperate to find a company to make my girlfriend’s dreams come true. I hope I am reaching out far enough in advance. I am in search of a company that is able to make a Christmas Dollhouse Advent Calendar. The idea came from a movie that we watched on Hulu called “The Christmas Calendar”. There was a big dollhouse and everyday you could open a window/door to countdown til Christmas. Is this something that would be possible for me to make a request?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Taylor,
      Do you have pictures of the house and could you get a set of plans. I can’t do anything for you for this Christmas, I’m booked with dollhouse work until June of 2020. Sounds like a big project. See if you can get some information as soon as possible before more new projects come into my workshop. Please send info to my email dollhousemansions@gmail.com and my cell is 203 768-3816.
      Thanks, Rick Maccione
      Custom Dollhouse Builder for 31 years
      Woodbury, CT 06798

  19. Hello Sir! Respect to your passion, talent and skills!
    Is there anywhere that I can see the prices for your final works as well as the fresh new projects that can be chosen from? 🙂

    • Hi, please send me your email address and your cell phone number and I will get back to you. I’m a retired Industrial Arts teacher (34 years) and a Master Dollhouse Builder since 1988 (32 years) and build for customers all over the USA. I’m on vacation now, heading back tomorrow to CT and my workshop. Send your information to my personal email address dollhousemansions@gmail.com and I will give you a call first and then send pictures and prices to you. Thanks, Rick Maccione cell is 203 768-3816

  20. I was very happy to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time due to this fantastic read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you
    saved as a favorite to see new stuff in your blog.

  21. Thanks Carl for the nice comments. I build in any price range, medium range kits, high end Mansions that take a year to complete and restoration work customers and museum work. It’s now 33 years of building quality custom dollhouses for customers all over the USA, any I still enjoy the detailed work.

  22. I got into building dollhouse kits about two years and just about the time the pandemic struck do I am sitting on about a dozen houses I can’t sell. Would love to get together over coffee and discuss the future of our life undertaking. Can be reached at 2035598825 or nerarb1@sbcglobal.net. Name is Dave Braren, a former Woodbury resident, now on Waterbury and get this, out wife’s know each other. Small world.

  23. I have a doll house built by my maternal grandfather in approximately 1931. My parents papered (I think they used super glue!) and wired it. It sustained soot damage and a cat chewing wiring. I started to try to remove the paper to redo but have damaged it. Do you repair or can you recommend someone who does? Thank you.

  24. Hi rick, i just saw your Rosedawn Plantation dollhouse for sale on facebook market place. I need to talk to you about buying this. Please get in contact with me. Janie Gaskill I am on facebook or you can call me. I left you a phone message. Please do not sell this until I can talk to you. Many thanks!

  25. Hi! My name is Camille Benjamin. I was referring to you on the website by someone. Do you currently build a 18″ dollhouse for American girl dolls? Thanks!

  26. Hi,

    My mother passed during the Pandemic and we found tubs of doll furniture. I need to find a large house to put the furniture in. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you for your help and Happy New Year!

  27. i really need Help !!! i just got from a state sale a vintage doll house and want to know who made it or where it come from , thanks , i have pictures

  28. I built a 9 room Victorian doll house for my daughter over 35 years ago. It had everything in it. Unfortunately today the lights don’t work . I I used copper wire strips and covered them with wall paper and ceiling paper. To fix it I would have to rip off all the paper. Then figure out where the problem is fix it. I also never put in the staircase. So I need help. First to fix the lights and to put in a staircase ( 2 levels) . Where can I find the help I need and what will is cost to fix the problem. Any suggestions you have will be helpful. Thank you

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