Southern Greek Revival Mansion

Rosedawn1JPGThere are three floors, twelve rooms, 55″wide x 26″ deep x 37″ high. My name is Rick Maccione, I’m a Master Dollhouse Builder for 34 years and I love to build these beautiful miniature mansions. Please call my cell  203 768-3816 for more information. I have other Mansion Size dollhouse kits that I can build.


17 thoughts on “Southern Greek Revival Mansion

  1. Hello! Your Dollhouses are incredibly beautiful! I have a Rosedawn Plantation kit that I got more than a decade ago. I was hoping to work on it with my husband, but life has sort of gotten in the way, and I would like to have it built for me. Well the mansion is built, it just needs the siding, roofing tiles, glass windows, etc, to be done. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I live in Massachusetts. thank you for your time.
    Katharine Medeiros

    • Hi Kelly,
      You wanted to buy my Rosedawn Plantation assembled kit that was an unfinished shell with all the original parts. I do have a list of customers that wanted that dollhouse, but your name was first on my list. If interested please call me as soon as possible at my cell 203 768-3816.
      I won’t email or call anyone else until I hear back from you. One way or another please get back to me. I’m ready to sell this beautiful dollhouse kit.
      Rick Maccione

  2. Hello I just bought a unfinished Rosedawn plantation doll house from a wonderful lady in Jacksonville Florida. The problem is that not all the piece are here like she had said. I am missing the chimneys, stairs,windows, second story door way and the shingles. im missing the glass for the front door windows that go on top and the second story railing floor what do i need to do so i can complete this beauty

  3. Is this dollhouse still available for purchase? I am the Executive Director of a non-profit (Orphan Care Solutions of Texas … we are a clearinghouse/bridge to assist The Church in collaborative solutions for our state’s foster children. We will be the beneficiary charity for the Montgomery County New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball. I was thinking we might get a doll house we can call “Sheltering Hope” and auction it off to help fund our “Hope’s Path” independent living home/program ( The perfect house needs to be Texas large (hahaha) … farmhouse … and has to be worthy of front page newspaper article for the Houston Chronical. (They always feature the #1 auction item with it’s winner.) I will need a lot of help, as it will have to have to be fully completed with lighting, furnishing and here by December 28, 2016 … but we would like to put progressive photos of you making it if possible.

    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Terri Jaggers

  4. Hi ,

    I was curious as to the cost and shipment of a dollhouse from your site. I have three little girls that would love a new wooden dollhouse.

    Thank You

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