Custom Dollhouses

Custom Dollhouses is our speciality, we can take a plain dollhouse kit and turn it into something special, or a larger kit into a “Mansion”. We can add stone or brick foundations, slate walks,  tile or marble foyer, electrical plugs and lights, hand cut stone chimney, porches, room additions, and more. Here are some larger “Custom Dollhouses”.


106 thoughts on “Custom Dollhouses

    • Hi Panthira,
      I don’t crate and ship dollhouses, if you find a shipper that will ship abroad, then you will deal with them direct. I can build you a dollhouse of your choice and your shipper can pick it up from me.
      Rick Maccione
      Dollhouse Mansions

  1. Hi, I really love your custom dollhouses. I wish I could click on these pics and see the insides of the houses. I have been looking for a dollhouse kit for over a year now and I am not having much luck due to a few issues. Mainly money. The type of dollhouse I want to do is one in the Edwardian Era. Victorian style houses would be ok I guess on the outside, but they are never big enough on the inside to do a real and proper Edwardian. For what I want to do I need 4 floors and atleast 15 decent sized rooms. Although the servants sleeping rooms wouldn’t need to be large. {for anyone who would like a clearer pic of what I am getting at check out PBS.ORG and look up the show Manor House.} I have even looked at plantation style houses but even they are not set up properly for Edwardian houses because the kitchens and servants dinning rooms etc were all on the very bottom floor, the next two floors were for the family to eat, sleep and entertain in, and finally the top floors are where the servants slept. I am so anxious to find a kit and get started but I am not having any luck on my own. Would you please email me with any information that might help me find that dollhouse kit? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Jennifer

  2. hello – I would like to know more about buying and furnishing an assembled doll house but I have no idea where to start learning about this hobby/craft. I am inspired by a beautiful wood dollhouse a friend owns – her father made it for her nearly 50 years ago and she decorates it each season. I’m enthralled by it – there is always something new to see inside the rooms. Any direction you could provide would be most appreciated. I love the Lawbre houses but they are a bit too expensive – are there other makers who do quality houses? Thank you so much! Linda in Cincinnati Ohio.

    • Hi Linda, thank you for checking out my web site, I have been building custom dollhouses and kits for 25 years, I have over 250 different kits that I can build in any size, style and price. Please call my cell phone 203 768-3816 to discuss some options for you and your dollhouse project.
      Rick Maccione
      Dollhouse Mansions

  3. I think your work is simply amazing. I’m dollhouse shopping right now & I was looking for ones that were large and folded open and closed on the backside. Please help me.

  4. I live in a house my parents built on a farm before I was born. This house was soley built from beginning to end by them minus a little electric work and some gas work. So this house is extremely important to me considering my dad died 10 years ago, when I was 7 years old. But in the next year or so we plan to move on to new things in a new place. But id like to keep part of the house with me. Can you all build one exactly right. With the exact room measurements?

    • Hi Mary,
      Yes I have done this type of work for the last 26 years. I would like to see pictures of all four sides of the house. Also, do you have blueprints of the house? Also please call my cell phone, I’m having trouble with my computer today.cell is 203 768-3816
      Thanks, Rick Maccione – Dollhouse Mansions P.S. Send me your cell # also

  5. Would love to see what you have in something farm house type, three bedrooms, bath, kitchen large living room area but no formal dining room area. Would like for the kitchen to be good size to be able to fit a table with four chairs and a baby’s high chair with all the normal kitchen appliances. Would love to have flower boxes on the front porch or window boxes. Would I be able to pick out all the colors to use inside too? What about wall paper and flooring? Would you be able to give me a ball park figure on what it will cost? I’m very interested in having one made and soon too. Thank you for your time and interest.
    Debbie Neville

    • Hi, yes I can build a replica of your house, not many Master Dollhouse Builder like me, left in the country. I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 27 years and still love the detail and the highest of standards in miniature building.
      Please call my cell to discuss 203 768-3816.
      Rick Maccione
      Dollhouse Mansions, Woodbury, CT

  6. Hi there! I just have to ask if you can build dollhouses scaled for 18 inch dolls! I have been on a search to buy my daughter a custom built 18′ scale dollhouse, but so far have has 0 success. Hoping to figure out something, thanks!

  7. Hi there! Wondering if you are able to make a dollhouse scaled to size for dolls like american girl. Do you have previous work made for 18 inch dolls? I’d love to see it.

    • Hi Angela,
      Yes I could build a replica of your house, depending on looking over pictures and plans and how much detail is involved.
      I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 28 years for customers all over the United States. Please send pictures of all four sides of your house to my email address ( ) and a phone number that I can reach you to discuss your project. There are not many dollhouse builders that do this type of work, so I get a lot of requests.
      Rick Maccione
      Master Dollhouse Builder

  8. Hi Rick,
    Great looking little mansions.. Your work is second to non… Amazing..
    If you ever need electrical information feel free to contact me….

    My best
    A Merry Christmas to you and your family
    Anthony : ) (The electrician) (914) 469 7197
    We met at Christmas party..

  9. You have beautiful doll houses. I was wondering how to see the inside of them. Also what are your prices for a custom one? Do they come with furniture and things for the inside or is it only the house? Thank you so much!

  10. Hello,

    I would like to send you pictures of a chalet to see if it is possible toske a replica of it?

    It burned down in the Tennessee fire recently and it would mean a lot to my family.

    Thank you

  11. Hello,

    We are looking for a custom doll house for our granddaughter, but need a doll house that would fit Barbie dolls. Would you be able to send me pictures of doll houses that would show inside of house?

    Thank you


  12. Hello Rick,

    I am an oil painter interested in purchasing one of your custom-built dollhouses to be used in a special project.
    To give a background, I have been a volunteer for approximately 15 years at a special art show held in an authentic colonial grist mill in a tiny village called Millwood (a hidden rural gem in Virginia). The entire show is run by volunteers and everything that the art show does is to help in a greater cause: we use the funds to promote unknown and beginning artists, protect rural lands, and preserve historic architecture. We even restored the mill to working order (the very mill we hold the show in) so now we can grind and sell organic grain using colonial methods. The Mill has become the pulsating heart of the rural community, and the surrounding artists, its spirit. The Mill, and its art show, have become beloved to the community.
    I would like to re-create the artshow in miniature form. I can paint and do the detail work of the Mill, and plan on reproducing miniature paintings of our best artists inside; but would need one of your houses as my structure. The architectural structure is very box-like. I don’t even need the mill wheel since that is in the basement and the show is held on the main and upper levels. I would like the dollhouse to be able to swing open like a double-door cabinet, but other than that, it would just be bare-bones. Essentially, you would be my canvas.
    How much would something like this cost for you to do? If the price is too inhibiting for me (you have to remember I make no money as a painter), then do you write any books on how to build a dollhouse that I could purchase? If not, is there a book(s) you recommend?
    I know you will need more photos, but I won’t be able to get any until April when I am scheduled to go down there and start setting up the show again. In the mean time, here are some links that may provide some preliminary photos.

    YouTube Video:
    The Mill Website:

    Thank You,

    (If my pilot project showed promise then I may come to you again for future purchases that would include the basement, mill wheel and all its details.)

  13. Hi,

    I have a beautiful house like the ones in your photos, that needs some repair. I would like to hand it down to my daughter as a gift. Do you do doll house repairs and if not, can you recommend a place? As well as to buy new accessories for the inside??

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Yes I do repairs and restore dollhouses. I have been building quality custom dollhouses and repairing dollhouses for 28 years, for customers all over the USA. Can you send me pictures of the dollhouse showing me what has to be done and include a list of all the work you want done? Please also send me a cell phone number so that we can discuss the work. Where are you located? Can you get the dollhouse to my workshop in Woodbury, CT? Send info to my cell is 203 768-3816.
      Rick Maccione

    • Hi Melinda,
      Thank you for checking out my web site and my dollhouse work. I’m a retired Industrial Arts teacher and Master Dollhouse builder for 28 years and build for customers all over the USA and also to other parts of the world. I can build almost 200 different dollhouse kits in any size, style and price range. I can make a replica of a customers house, I also finish and restore dollhouses. I will email some pictures and prices and then you would need to give me a price range to work with. My cell is 203 768-3816, call me with questions.
      My dollhouse business is based on Trust, Honesty and Quality Workmanship.
      Rick Maccione
      Woodbury, CT

  14. I am looking to possibly sell a custom dollhouse that is about 30 years old. It was built in Limerick, PA. I am having a hard time finding sites about buying or selling dollhouses in Pennsylvania or Delaware. Can you help me with any ideas?

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for checking out my web site. Please send me pictures of all four sides of the outside of your dollhouse and pictures of each room inside. Please tell me all about the dollhouse and if there are any problems. I always have customers looking for used dollhouses.
      Rick Maccione – Master Dollhouse Builder
      Woodbury, CT
      cell 203 768-3816

  15. Hello-I am looking for a dollhouse of the Victorian era with 14 rooms that I can furnish. Do you add electricity, wallpaper etc? Can you give me a general price range?

    • Hi Mary,
      Yes I can build you a Victorian with 14 rooms with electrical, inlaid real wood floors, etc. My email address is and my cell is 203 768-3816. I will send some info to your email with pictures, sizes and some prices.
      I’m a Master Dollhouse builder for 29 years and a retired Industrial Arts teacher for 32 years and worked for real home builders also.
      Rick & Joanne Maccione

  16. Hi my name is Dani and I was wondering if you would be able to create a dollhouse kit of my old house. I have photos but I can’t seem to find the blueprints of it since it was built in 1997 and the company was bought out by another. Would it be possible to create it as a kit?

    • Hi Dani,
      Please send me pictures of all four sides of the house? If you want walls and interior completed, I would need pictures of the inside also. If I understand you right, you want the house built as a flat boxed kit, so you can build it yourself? Is that right? Please let me know when you send me the pictures.
      cell 203 768-3816

    • Hi Nell,
      Thank you for checking my work on my web site. Yes, I can build a replica of a customers house besides building dollhouse kits and custom dollhouses. I have been in business for 29 years and my company is based on three things, Trust, Honesty and Quality Workmanship. Can you send me pictures of all four sides of your house to start with. Send them to my email address
      Rick & Joanne Maccione

  17. Hello I am interested in finding out how much it would be to have one of your dollhouses made, It is the yellow doll house with the girls standing next to it, I am unable to attach a picture here but I think that you know which one I’m talking about it is shown under the custom doll houses.

  18. Hello,
    I have a beautiful, large, handmade dollhouse that my uncle built for me. It is a replica of a beautiful home that sits on a beach in California. It has handmade shingles (hundreds), it has electricity for the fireplaces, etc. It is stunning. However, it has been in storage and somewhat neglected. I am looking to find a way to get it repaired and then I would like to find a home for this beautiful dollhouse. It even has stained glass and a large wrap around porch. I am in Texas, but would like to see if you would be able to help or if you know any resources near me.
    Thank you,

  19. Beautiful houses. My husband’s Grandfather, John R. Dowling of Darien, CT built unique custom built dollhouses in the 1970’s. He was quite famous all over the world and there were articles written about him. Did you know him? Or possibly before when you were involved with dollhouses. He also made doll furniture. We have a couple of his houses and may want to restore one. We wondered if you knew him or had worked on any of the homes he made? They were very unique not from kits.

    Megan Dowling

    • Hi Megan,
      I started building quality custom dollhouses in 1988, I was an Industrial Arts teacher 32 years and also worked in the building trades every summer. I started with building exact replicas of customers houses just like John R. Dowling. I became a Master Dollhouse builder in the early 90’s and have been building and restoring dollhouses for customers all over the USA. Who knows, I may have restored some of his houses.
      Please send me pictures of the dollhouse that you want restored to my email address . I work out of my home workshop in Woodbury, CT, I have several building projects and three restoration houses in my workshop now. Also give me a list of the work to be done.
      Rick Maccione
      cell 203 768-3816

      • Thanks, we are not in the market to restore them at this time, but very nice to know since we live in Southbury

  20. I love the idea… I wonder what it would cost in some fashion to make a doll house that looked like my home? I know, I know …lots of variables .
    Any possibility I can text or email with someone? I’m very hard of hearing

  21. Yes I can custom build a dollhouse. Do you have pictures of the house, all four sides to email to me?
    Please include your cell phone number so we can discuss your project. My cell is 203 768-3816.
    Rick Maccione – Owner of Dollhouse Mansions

  22. Hello! Please contact me as soon as possible. I am trying to find one who can create my daughters dream doll house. I need something creepy but beautiful and has plenty of purple and is large.

  23. You do beautiful work. I am interested in a custom made dollhouse that matches my house which was built by my husband and me 40 years ago, this August. How can I get a better understanding of the ordering process, the price, the timing and the appearance of the rooms inside of the house? Thank you.

  24. I owned a completely decorated lighted Yorktown manor by Mr. Bell who has since passed away. I obtained the house in 1982 when a friend built it from 3 sheets of plywood. My home burned down in August 2020 and so did my miniature home. Can you re create a version of the house with a picture?

  25. Do you do custom dollhouses built to resemble a specific house? Like, if I sent you a photo of my house, could you build it?

  26. I was wondering if you have any of the dollhouse of Halliwell Manor. From the show Charmed. They had a fully functional dollhouse of the manor in the shower. If you do have or can build it what would the price be. Also would it be able to come fully furnished like the show.

  27. Hi! I would like to have a doll house made to look like the front of an actual house. It is a two story home with a centered door with a window on each side and a front porch. Is that something you could go from a photo?

  28. Hello we have a home in Portland designed by architect Aram Irwin based on the original from 1907. We would love to get a doll house made of our home for our daughter.

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