Restored Mission Style Dollhouse

This dollhouse was totally destroyed when it came to my shop, the lady said her grandfather built it, but never did finish it. It was stored in the cellar over 25 years and between the cat sleeping in it and her three year old daughter pulling it apart year after year. Finally, the daughter is nine, and the mother decides, it would be wonderful if she could find someone to restore her grandfathers dollhouse, made for her, but never finished and then totally destroyed, to be completely restored, painted, and finished inside so her daughter can enjoy what she never had. It was a great project to work on and to see their expression on their face when they came to pick it up, I will never forget. It seems that more and more of these projects are coming into my dollhouse workshop. These dollhouses are part of family history and should be passed on  in the family for others to enjoy.

Restored Mission Style Dollhouse


2 thoughts on “Restored Mission Style Dollhouse

  1. What a wonderful job you did restoring this stately house of history! At age 60 I am presently working on restoring my first dollhouse! It was in rough shape after being enjoyed and repainted for approximately 25 years. It is becoming a labor of love as I educate myself in the different styles and materials that are available today. Do you know of any upcoming shows or even clubs in the Western MA or Connecticut areas that I can attend to help me in my journey?

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you for the nice comment about my work. If you Google Dollhouse Shows in New England, you will find some shows that are still around. I really don’t go to any shows anymore because I have a lot of dollhouse building work coming in from all over the USA. I’m already starting to take in orders for dollhouses for next Christmas, I have four now in my shop. If you have any questions about restoring your dollhouse, just email me at or call my cell 203 768-3816. I wish you luck with restoring your dollhouse and have a lot of fun doing it.
      Rick Maccione / Master Dollhouse Builder

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