How One Dollhouse Changed My Life!

Blogs. I started building dollhouses in 1988, with the first one being for my daughter, which was a replica of our 10 room colonial saltbox. I was an Industrial Arts teacher, teaching woodworking, graphic arts, manufacturing, electricity and drafting. My summer jobs included working for builders, painters, manufacturing plants, stone masons, etc. Always wanting to learn new trades and always keeping busy. Getting nearer to my retirement and also owning a Real Estate coming with two partners for 12 years, with experience in selling, office manager and handling new home construction projects, I was wondering what I really wanted to do in my retirement years that I would really enjoy everyday. Well after that first dollhouse for my daughter, there was no question what I wanted to do, build, create, design,  beautiful custom dollhouses for as many people as I could to enjoy. So for all these years I have been enjoying retirement and loving my work everyday, I thank our daughter Courtney for asking me to build her a dollhouse.


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